Of all of the rooms in your home, the bathroom probably is not top of the priority list for splashing money on gadgets, seeing as most of your time is probably spent elsewhere unless you are an avid bubble bath fan. But that is not to say the toilet does not have its fair share of exciting gadgets and in actuality, it has just as much potential to be as smart as the rest of your dwelling. There are loads of devices available today that can turn your bathroom into a smart one. Here are six available smart bathroom gadgets to take into account, whether you are installing a new toilet or updating.

The Withings Smart Body Analyser Wi-Fi Scales do precisely what their name suggests and much more. They’ll provide you an accurate weight record, together with body fat measurements, Body Mass Index (BMI), heart rate readings and data on air quality and the day’s weather. The scales feature automatic user recognition for up to eight users so they know who they’re weighing and they’ll also help you position yourself correctly for the most precise weigh in with control function.

The Crosswater Digital Duo is a two-way control system, which lets you switch between your shower and your tub easily. Aside from looking great, the duo provides control of the flow and temperature for the perfect shower, or temperature of your ideal bath at the touch of a button. There’s also a wired remote controller available that operates your tub or shower around six metres away so that you can set it on the bedroom wall from the light switch from your bathroom wall.

The Kohler Numi toilet demonstrates that almost anything could be gadgety once you have some spare money, even toilets. Just get local plumbing services to wire it up! First and foremost the Numi is obviously a product which lets you use it, but do not make the mistake of thinking that its the sole purpose. It does everything for you, except the physical part.

The Tech2O Cyber Mirror does not come cheap, but it is not only a mirror. It is a mirror, TV and internet portal in a single having an IP63 rating meaning it’s safe to use in the toilet. It’s a 32-inch Full HD 1080p LED touchscreen display, Windows 8 applications, an Intel Core i3 chip and there’s Wi-Fi operation so this mirror is not your typical piece of glass which shows you how bad you can look in the morning. There’s a self-cleaning bidet that has adjustable water temperature and pressure controllers, and there’s also ambient light in seven colors. An integrated speaker system that connects to a remote docking station, a touchscreen and a touch panel remote so you can select your preferred choices.

The Kohler Moxie Showerhead intends to make singing in the shower even more inviting with its built-in wireless speaker that connects to your devices using Bluetooth. There’s a range of options to include this in your bathroom, including either purchasing the Moxie with or without a wall arm, with a large showerhead or just the wireless speaker by itself.

The Waterpebble is for those of you who may want to save a little money on your water bill. Rather than getting someone to monitor or set up your gas installations, this product has been designed to take the effort out of conserving water and the pebble-shaped device will track water going down the plug hole. Each following shower that you have, the Waterpebble will indicate when to complete showering by utilizing a series of 3 lights – red, orange and orange – with green significance begin, orange telling you the half way point and red letting you know that it is time to stop.

The concept is that your water usage is reduced a little whenever you shower, assisting you to save water without needing to consider it too much. It may also be reset at anytime in the event that you decide the first shower you chose was too brief for example.

The Latest Tech for Your Bathroom
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