Facebook plans to offer tickets for music events and other occasions straight through the social networking site as a part of the company’s digital strategy as it turns its attention to the world of e-commerce.

The world’s biggest social media business is launching a partnership with Eventbrite, the events service, to let users in the UK purchase tickets within the Facebook website and app itself to a wide range of concerts, events, festivals and more.

The new “Occasions by Facebook” centre, which is due to go on the internet in the coming weeks, is indicated to be an easier way for the social media network’s 32m British users to acquire tickets, bypassing numerous web pages that often annoy purchasers or deter them from purchasing.

Instead, the system obtains information such as names, e-mail addresses and credit card information from the purchaser’s Facebook profile. Digital versions of the tickets will also be made available within the Facebook app, and the move represents a natural extension of an existing function that lets users register to events and tell friends that they are intending to go.

The concept works well at the moment for event visibility, but the conversion of those who click attending to those that actually do is low, so the partnership with Eventbrite will aim to combat that by making it simpler than ever to purchase tickets. Unfortunately for Australian readers, this purchasing system is currently only available for UK Facebook users, so you’ll have to book that yarra valley accommodation the normal way at this stage.

E-commerce businesses are progressively turning to Facebook to attract clients and visitors and gain relationships with their target markets by writing content on social media. Last year the typical member spent 50 minutes a day across Facebook, as well as its Messenger service and the Instagram photo app it owns. The daily use of their platforms across their members is a unique thing these days, and to capitalise on that cult following the social media giant has obtained is really a game-changer in this ever-growing market.

Facebook intends to exploit this supremacy to rival Amazon and eBay. Last year it released Marketplace, a service that lets users offer pre-owned items. The integration of the Marketplace into the app draws in more users every day, and the simplicity of accessing the shop from the Facebook app means that people are scrolling through and purchasing items they may not have if they had to switch over to another app like eBay.

Facebook unveiled the ticket-selling function in the United States last year with Eventbrite and Ticketmaster. Its UK launch marks the first market outside the US. If the extension of the partnership into the UK is a hit, there are definitely plans in the works for the ticketing system to branch out to places like Australia. Australia has a lot of regional music events like the yarra valley Hot Dub Wine Machine that people would only really find out about on Facebook, so this ticketing system could work wonders for Australians.

Marino Fresch, Eventbrite’s marketing director, stated the service had been particularly popular for music and night life events, from which Facebook has not received any profit from the sale of tickets.

Facebook to Allow Direct Ticket Sales
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